Birthday Parties


Take the stress out of organising the party we will take care of your party entertainment, food, drinks & fun.....

You will even get personalised digital party invitations!!!

With lots party choices there is perfect party choice for everybody!  

All of our parties are 90 minutes of Fun, fun, fun!!! 

Time slots for our parties are:

10:30, 12:45, 15:00 & 17:15

All of our birthdays parties include..........

5* party entertainment of your choice we only use the best entertainers!

a glitter & tattoo station 

All food & drink *(please see below)

Mini chocolate fountain 

a fun birthday snow ending 

Birthday girl/boy personalised sign   

Personalised digital invitations

All that you need to do is Head to one of the entertainment options you would like & enquire!

Or if you prefer to host & choose the party yourself you can always just hire the room & plan, design & host your very own special party

"Make your little ones birthday wishes come true with a magical birthday party that they will never forget! 

* Party food at all of our parties (apart from room hire) includes a party food box -  each guest can choose their own sandwich - Cheese, Ham or Jam, a chocolate donut, a macaron, pretzels, carrot sticks, crisps  & sweets. And there is a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows & bananas..along with a fruit shoot

We can cater special dietary requirements 

(if however the child has a severe allergy if the parent of the could provide this is preferable ) 

If they don't manage to finish their box don't worry they can take it home with them....

Princess Parties

Sprinkling magic dust enchantment with our amazing character parties 

From all the Princess characters, Prince Charming, Disney Characters, Alice & Wonderland, Harry Potter, Superhero's, Descendants or a Wednesday party we have pretty much got it covered...

We have 18 to choose from! including Barbie!!  if there is a character that you really want and isnt on the list we will do our best to make your dreams come true!

Name your little ones favourite character & we can try & sort it for you

All your guests will be mesmerised ....  all your guests will learn all about the character along with story telling, there will be music, dancing, party games including pass the parcel as well as a royal coronation with a tiara & certificate & of course... lots and lots of glitter 💫

There will be plenty of photo opportunity along with the Princess helping them blow out the candles!

All that is left to do is choose your favourite character to come & sprinkle the magic

Superhero Parties

Your chosen Superhero will host your party, with high energy fun and games suitable for both boys and girls

After an amazing Superhero entrance, the party will commence with a bang followed by games, music, dancing & lots of prizes

There will be plenty of photo opportunity along with your superhero helping them blow out the candles!

This is a truly Awesome party & will give your little one Memories that will last a lifetime!

What could be better than partying with Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Hulk or Wonder Woman!

There will as always be lots of glitter & of course a snow machine ending!

Mascot Birthday Parties

The perfect party for your little one! 

We have 13 mascots to chose from and if your favourite isn't on the list we can sort this for you!

From Peppa pig, Buzz lightyear, Dinosaur, Diva Doll we can make your party AMAZING

Your chosen Character will join you  alongside an awesome party host who will kick off the party with high energy games suitable for both girls and boys, competitions and prizes. All our parties come with everything included and an awesome playlist that will even have the parents tapping along! 

There will be lots of dancing, games & of course your chosen character will help you blow out your candles!

If there is a favourite character that you love then this party is definitely the one for you!

Disco Parties

Our disco parties are full of music, dancing, games & prizes

If its a traditional party with lots of traditional games & dancing then this is the party for you!

This party has a full DJ Stand set up with disco lights, bubbles, snow & an AWESOME playlist!

The disco is full of lots of party games that will really engage little people 

If your little one loves music & is obsessed with dancing & party games then this party is a must! 

Spa Birthday Parties

In this gorgeous party we will transform the space into a perfect spa area a perfect pamper party

What's included....

- Girly Party Leaders

- Satin Robes & Flip flops

- Spa Headbands

- Your guests will have fun with their facemasks  & cucumber Eyes

- Individual foot spa treatment with foot soak  

- Hand or Toes manicure for each guest with a choice of nail polish colours

- All your party guests will get their hair looking gorgeous & lots & lots of Glitter ✨

- There will be spa party games & lots & lots of fun 

What could be better than foot soaks, face masks, hair gorgeous , dancing, lots of fun & lots & lots of glitter with your besties -  a pamper party that they will remember forever…

Craft Parties

If its crafts that your little one loves then this adorable craft party brought to you from  "Love to Craft Manchester" is fabulous! 

You can choose from ladybirds, unicorns, rockets, butterflies, boats or if you have little superhero, princess or nature loving little one we can do our best to tailor a perfect craft theme

Each of your little guests will get to take their amazing creations home with them

No children's party is complete without a little dancing & glitter & don't forget the fun snow machine ending this really is a party that everybody will remember

Creepy Crawly Parties

From Snakes, Tarantulas, Scorpions, Lizards, Giant African Snails, Hissing Cockroaches, Bearded dragons, Geckos, Giant Millipedes & many more!

At this fabulous interactive party your little guests can get up close & for some species hold (if they want too!) 

These entertainers are the best in the business and  At this amazing interactive party your party guests will learn some fascinating and fun facts 

Our knowledgeable,  comical explorer style host will ensure that your party is the greatest fun for all of your guests

There will be plenty of photo opportunity along with glitter & music  

This really is one of the bestest birthday parties ever!!!

Lego Parties

At this fantastic Lego Master Builder party the amazing "Bricklands Lego club" will come to entertain & wow your little guests....

At this party every child will have lots of fun working through various Lego activities including racing gravity cars down our ramp, making super Lego spinners and amazing Lego marble mazes!  There will be also heaps of loose Lego for imaginative play!

There is lego city, star wars, minecraft, friends, Ninjago & many, many more to choose from....

No children's party is complete without a little dancing & glitter don’t forget the fun snow machine ending a super exciting party for all little ones that love lego

Room Hire for Birthday Parties

If you want to manage & design your very own special birthday party then you can!  you can just hire the space!

Bring your own entertainers or do your own party games the space is yours to do with what you like!

You can bring in your own food, your own tunes, your own decorations design your own perfect party!

The room hire includes a 1hr & a half room hire for your party & 15mins before to set up & 15mins to clear away (if you require longer this can be arranged)