United Kingdom·May 9 2022

Calling all Toddler Princes & Princesses

Your special Princes & Princess will meet & have a photograph with a real life Princess make a plate & much much more



An amazing experience for the 5 and unders Come & join us for a magical time with a Princess.... learn how to become a prince or princess, dancing, singalong, a digital sent photograph & games & lots lots more They will leave with a certificate that they have got Prince & Princesses status! As well as this in association with Minikin Paint a Pot you will also make a special prince or princess foot or hand print clay plate We really hope you can come and join in on our magical experience - It is an hour long stay & play experience in our brand newly refurbished secret jungle in the heart of Stanley Square Sale

Calling all Toddler Princes & Princesses

United Kingdom· May 9 2022· 75 minutes